Friday, 22 July 2016

Raya 2016

Assalamualaikum & hi! Selamat Hari Raya Day 17!

Finally, after 17 days from the last post I've got my blog modjo back! Since we are still pretty much in the spirit of Raya, allow me to share my Raya stories albeit a little bit late #teamrayasebulan

Since A.H & I spent previous Raya  in Kota Bharu last year, it was our turn this year to celebrate in Batang Kali (his Family previously lived in Wangsa Maju before A.H bought a house in Tamu Hill Park, Batang Kali & the whole Family moved there last year) & Melaka (the FIL's kampung). But being a workaholic person A.H is, he didn't take any Raya leave at all -.-'

We left for Batang Kali on Tuesday, 05/07/2016 which was the evening before Raya & on Sunday, 10/07/2016, he was already back to work! Double -.-' Me on the other hand, had a week Raya leave from 04 until 11/07

Oh well, at least I got to spend the first day of Raya with him & all that matters ayte?

 05/07/2016, Tuesday
Since I was already on Raya leave, I had to fetch A.H from his clinic. Left home at 12.15 pm & arrived in Kuala Krai about 1 hour & 10 minutes later. Being a sentimental me, of course I had to take a few photos of the House before I bid a temporary farewell #hatitisu

 This year, Raya berdua. Semoga ada rezeki untuk beraya bertiga next year. Aminkan please? Tqvm!

We left for Batang Kali at 2 p.m & Alhamdulillah, by 6.45 p.m, we already arrived at Tamu Hill Park. Sempat la iftorr dengan In-laws. The traffic heading to KL was smooth but not the other way around sebab it was estimated that 3 JUTA WEHHH KENDERAAN MASUK KELANTAN RAYA HARI TU! Eh sorry! Kita tercaps lock pulok! 

After iftorr, I was actually expecting a masak-masak session, like me, my Mother & my Sister always had at home. Since the demise of arwah Ayah Long & Che Moh a few years ago, Abah is the eldest in Pak Chu Lah clan now, beside Nenek, so rumah memang kena serbu by our relatives. Hence, the reason we always had makan-makan do on the first day of Raya. We cooked & served dishes like nasi dagang or nasi minyak, roti jala, satay, laksa penang & other mouth-watering dishes eh lapau pulak taip pasal food ni ha. So, on malam Raya, we literally slept in the kitchen & only went to sleep at 2 or 3 a.m. Masak macam nak kenduri kekdahnya!

But, things were different when Raya-ing with the In-law. On malam Raya, we baked 2 types of biskut Raya, led by A.H himself. Actually, the MIL dah awal-awal siap masak untuk juadah pagi Raya. One of it was rendang which its spicy level was on par with my standard of pedasness. Kak Sue approved!

I was tasked to put over the sprinkles on the semperit while A.H had the toughest & leceh-est job; pressing the dough onto the trays. I know mine was a useless job because even my almost 3-year-old nephew, Umar could do that but at least I contributed something. Lols!


To be continued ... just because I have to watch Doctors Episode 10. Lols!

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