Sunday, 3 July 2016

Raya Preparation (Almost) Done

Assalamualaikum & Ramadhan kareem day 28

When I was single, most of my Raya preparations were done by my Mother. She chose & sewed the baju Raya, accompanied me to get my tudung & kasut Raya etc.

But things have changed ever since I got married last year. Sigh! And honestly, I feel bad. It makes me feel like a selfish anak bongsu who no longer needs her Ma's Raya preparation when in fact, I still do! No matter how much I want/wanted to spend more times with her, especially during weekends in Ramadhan, there will/had always something I had to do. Like balik kampung A.H (the rountine is still the same. We balik kampung once in 2 weeks that 6 hours of journey from Kelantan - Selangor doesn't feel that long anymore. Adakah sudah sekufu dengan pokcik-pokcik driver bas ekspress?)

May Allah swt forgive me for the lack of time I've been spending with my Parents, since I've become a Puan. But the good thing is, A.H & I still live with them so harapnya tidak lah ada perubahan ketara sangat kan?

Speaking about Raya preparation, mine is almost complete I think? Except for tudung Raya. Thought of getting a few tudungs at Bawal Ekslusif that will suit my bajus. Tak pun if tak sempat & tak gigih nak menempuh jam, recycle je lah any tudung/shawl yang ada #tipsjimatkaksue

Oh, I mentioned once about my RM50 baju Raya mission at Jalan Tar. Cer teka berjaya ke idok?
 Gigih menuju ke Jln Tar pada pagi hari Sabtu yang menyesakkan. In order to avoid self-created parking dilemma & unnecessary headache, we parked our car at Caps Square, instead of Sogo

For 2 years in a row, A.H bought his baju melayu here. Not only its materials are good & jahitan kemas, the prices are also generally affordable. Pahtu Made in Kelate pulok Kemah keming rapak jikkk!

Had to buy a new lipstick as 1 of my favourite melted when I left it in a carboot. Tsk!
I don't wear expensive lipsticks. I usually got mine from Maybelline, Silky Girl & The Body Shop. Seperti tahun-tahun yang terdahulu, sis mengamalkan konsep natural beauty *flips tudung* *muntah dalam diam*

Getting ready to kelik Kota Bharu 4 hours later
OMG! Shopping Raya dalam hirul pikuk manusia yang bersesak-sesak wasn't a pleasant experience y'all! Yang gigih bawak anak-anak kecik dalam stroller kat Jalan Tar tu macam mane la yah?

So, berbalik kepada persoalan tadi whether I did manage to grab a descent RM50 baju Raya? Well, jawapannya ialah.................... tak dapek la dik! Of course ada but the material wasn't that good. Or probably we weren't searching bersungguh enough kan? It's okay. At least I still got mine at RM100, so it's all good *ayat pujuk hati*

Nonetheless, I also bought a Zalia dress from Zalora. Placed the order on Thursday & it arrived 2 days later on Sunday. WoohoO!

Ada 1 lagi barang lupa nak beli! Serkup Raya!

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