Monday, 29 August 2016

Of Better Career Opportunity & #iwanttostayhereforevercan?

Assalamualaikum & hi!

On 03/08/2016 recently was A.H's 1st year anniversary of working in Kelantan. Well, honestly, I should give FB Reminder a few credits for reminding us. Lols!

It's cliched but I would say that the past 1 year passed by so fast.


When we got married in February 2015, A.H was still a House Officer (H.O) in HKL & I was working in my hometown in K.Bharu. So, we were in the LDR for 5 months. I remember quitting my job prior to his posting as a Medical Officer (M.O) as we were afraid that he might get transferred to West Malaysia, so that we could prepare things in advance. I was jobless for almost a month & I felt so restless. Made me think whether my all time favourite ambition yakni being a housewife does really suit me :P Alhamdulillah, Allah swt has been so generous with us. From HKL, A.H was sent to work in Kelantan.

For the time being, for 5 days a week A.H needs to travel about 60km plus to his workplace, returns later at 10 p.m & arrives home at 11 p.m. I know it's very tiring to A.H but we are still very thankful for that. At least, no more LDR for both of us

Anyhow, I know sooner or later A.H will make decision to move back to KL, either for his Master's Degree studies or better career opportunity. To be honest, I'm not ready yet to leave my utmost comfort zone yakni leaving behind my Parents here in my hometown & begin a new chapter of life staying elsewhere with him. But it will be utterly selfish of me to refrain him from doing what he yearns for, to become a specialist in his desired field.

I know it's for the sake of our future, for a better one hopefully. Amin & InsyaAllah

I won't lie that thinking about this makes me feel uneasy, what's more with the e-mail that A.H had received recently regarding his career development. We haven't had a proper talk on this because previously, a whatsapp conversation on this topic eventually led to super emo me. Lols! #dilemaseorangisteri #dilemaseoranganak #ilovekelate #mayistayhereforever? #iwanttostayhereforevercan?

Oh, speaking about my profession; on 22/08/2016  recently I celebrated my 3rd year anniversary of being admitted as an advocate & solicitor at the High Court of Malaya *beams with pride*


3 years since my admission to the Bar
3 firms I had worked & am currently working at
And some bitter sweet experience & memories along the way

One thing about my profession, you may choose to practice in any place you wish which is really an advantage for anyone who wants to settle down on any soil in Malaysia. Tak kesah la nak practice kat Kuala Krai ke, Gua Musang ke, Temerloh ke, Batu Kurau ke, Langkawi ke, Batu Berendam ke (I just pluck the place names tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang sudah pergi). Anywhere under the Sun kekdahnya (with exception to Sabah & Sarawak. Ada special requirements that you need to follow if you wish to practice there) as long as the firm you're attached/working with is registered with the Malaysian Bar.

August is definitely a month to celebrate, beside our birthday month which is January :)

Penutup macam tergantung. Maka, terimalah photo ini taken about a month before our Wedding, dengan berlatarbelakangkan dinding airport. How we appeared younger & thinner 17 months ago is still a mystery -.-'

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