Wednesday, 31 August 2016

May I Keep You Forever? ♥

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Once upon a time ago, when most of my friends were getting married, leaving us single girls staring blindly at the sky thinking when it's going to be our turn (Lols! Nahh! We weren't that sappy), we often questioned ourselves why marriage has  changed someone's life 360 degree different? I mean, why do their lives now involve their husbands only that time spent only with their husbands, as if everybody is invisible? Don't they have other friends anymore? 

We weren't that a bunch of penyibuk people. It was just that we were curious because our married friends change once they become Puan. Why? Does marriage restrain them from meeting  friends & having fun like once we used to have? Oh, by having fun it means spending time in front of food; talking eating talking & the activity repeats. Such adventurous girls we were kan? Produk Sains Pasir Puteh memey kemahh!

Masa tu, hobi tatkala masa lapang ialah menghadiri jemputan kenduri kahwin sahabat handai/batchmates. I should put some photos to reminisce the moments. Just look at it, siap ade album kompilasi himpunan gambar-gambar kahwin! Please kagum with me now

Che Ro & Ghaffar. Jelawat, Bachok. 09/02/2013

Asha & Huzaifah. Tumpat. 18/10/2013

Diana & Faisal. Dewan Gelanggang Seni, K.Bharu. 19/12/2013

Ailyn & Hidayat. Telipot. 14/02/2014

Adilah & Kamarul. Panji. 22/03/2014

Syafiqah & Hisham. Lundang. 31/05/2014

Dr Marini & Dr Yadie. Nilam Puri. 01/06/2014

Sesungguhnya tak mampu sis nak upload semua

So, I told myself that I'll never keep my friends away even when I'm married because I know how it hurt when your once-close-friends seem to disregard you after getting married. I don't like it. I strongly believe that there should be any batu penghalang for a true friendship, come what may! You must remain & act like those old good days regardless what life brings you & the statues you are in

I was so naive, pardon moi. Because at that time, Miss Single Suria doesn't know how her life would be when she herself be Mrs Married Suria

Little that I know, life won't be the same anymore once when you agree to spend the rest of your life with a man who shares not only the bed & room with you, but also your deepest thoughts & your silent cries. Your plan is his plan as well. He even has to be a better planner than you 

At times, I felt so guilty for not spending more times with my close friends. Not that we didn't plan but there were always batu penghalang coming in that meeting once in a month requires a series of plans which often ended up with nothing happened. I guess, adulthood isn't only being independent. It comes in pair with a thing called sacrifice (in having fun like younger us used to have)

I have many friends but only a few are very close to me. I know they know who they are. And this girl is among a few who I would like to keep for the rest of my life. Amin :)

Since 2000 & counting!

We had a long talk over these 1/4 chicken. Say, 3 hours? Cenggini, makan the whole chicken pung habis ni!

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