Friday, 2 September 2016

Matching Couple Shirts

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

A.H is currently back in his hometown. I don't tag along this time as I didn't take a leave from work on 01/09 which was a day after the Merdeka Day

Oh anyway, Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia! You turn 59 this year; a wise age for a man. And I pray the same thing goes to the top management of our country; become wise & wiser year by year. Not just manipulating the rakyat with the same bullshit election after election. We love you Malaysia & we pray the best for you! Amin

Btw, look what a temporary LDR has done to me!

 I bought a pair of matching couple shirts; one for me & one for A.H  

This happened when I went out at the mall without his supervision, I tend to buy things I didn't even plan. WoohoO! Rasa macam budak-budak baru nak up (#bbnu) pun hado but maybe we're too late? Lols! I'm definitely not ready for another long LDR. I think I had enough of the previous one when we just got married. It was only 5 month long but still LDR is not fun kan?
So, when & where are we going to wear this?

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