Saturday, 3 September 2016

Meroh Awo-awo

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I recently made an open confession that I like to stalk pretty & sophisticated girls on Instagram (but not the ones who post vain selfie photos with the same pose every freaking day sambil acah-acah duckface). Some of them are very inspiring while some of them just make my level of self confidence goes down the drain. Lols!

This is not going to be another confession post though. I just want to share my current fav lipstick which makes me so happy that our paths crossed! Ha tu diahhh punya la suka sampai rasa bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana bertemu jodoh dengan lipstick ini

My current fav lipstick
Silkygirl Go Matte Lipcolour (Code 03 Siren Red)

My choice of lipstick colour has always been bold red. The redder the better kekdahnya (but not to the extent that makes people get mistaken between lampu isyarat merah & my lips. Heh!). My other bae is The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick (Shade 101 Red Siren (Matte)). Give me my lipstick (either one) & I can survive the whole day, even without bedak

I shall thank my Mother for influencing me with the choice of lipstick colour. She's the bomb! Amboii kemain membomb-kan Hajah Rahimah Binti Awang Noh ni kann? Hehe! Tak de la that red ang-ang, 'meroh awo-awo' ore Kelate panggil

 My Mother & I
Do I look like her? (Other than our choice of lipstick colour)
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