Saturday, 3 September 2016

Because Nobody Is Too Old For Chick Flicks

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Among many blogpost tags I have on this blog, 'yes I read' is one of the tags that I wish I've updated it regularly

But like other former bookworms (there should be no such thing I believe), I also have this 'Buying books is one thing, reading them is another' phase where reading no longer becomes priority. I shall not allow myself to use a lame excuse like ' because I'm a lawyer & lawyers read a lot at work. So can I do something else beside reading when I'm done with work?' because I know some lawyers who are so keen & passionate on reading & they are not only working 9 to 5 everyday, they are also mothers to more than 1 kid at home. So many things to do yet they still manage to have some me time (albeit not quiet one I reckon) to be spent on books

While me? *chuckles*

I currently have 3 books waiting for me to finish them. Can almost hear them crying for my attention. Shhh! Hush hush babies! Mommy is busy watching some Korean & Japanese dramas at at the moment


And I recently made it a habit to have my name stamped on the books I bought (and also A.H's books but I haven't really figured out how his name stamp works, hence the messy bolok pok stamps. Lols!) Just to add some sentimental values on them & juga buat kenang-kenangan pada hari-hari mendatang. Imagine having our kids or grand kids flipping through our old books & find our names stamped on them *beams with pride*

 "Awww  look! Mama/Grandma & Papa/Grandpa were lawyer & doctor once upon a time ago. Now look at them, carefree & traveling around the world!" 

Ye ye je kan berGrandma-Grandpa bagai. Sekali, Tok Ma & Tok Ayoh je titlenya. Lagi klasik, Tok Mek & Tok Cik. You thought you're western enough when budu & petai are your fav food? Setakat makan western food like chicken chop & lamb chop once in a while isn't western enough you see? -.-'

Anyway, I really hope my kids or grand kids won't question my choice of books. In my utmost defense, nobody is too old for chick flicks (age doesn't really matter) & one shall not be compelled to read books which are not her preference. So, please don't judge me, kids. Hehe! Obviously, I've different taste to compare with A.H's who is more interested on serious kind of books which I think I've had enough of those during the years I spent at the Law School

26/08/2016. Popular at Aeon Mall K.Bharu
Can you tell which are mine & him?
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