Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Umar Harith's 3rd Birthday

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

My nephew, Ahmad Umar Harith turned 3 years old on 01/10/2016. Alhamdulillah. Since today dah 01/11, I think I need to blog about his birthday before he turns 4 soon. Hehe!

You'll always be one of my most favorite boys, cheeky boy!

Dear Ahmad Umar Harith,

Happy belated 3rd birthday, baby boy! *throws water balloons & confetti followed by a series of  kisses, gomoi-gomoi & tickles*

When you read this, Mama Sue yakin that you're now big/mumayyiz enough. Mama Sue love you so much that you're always in my thoughts & prayers. Things might be different now than how it used to be (you may no longer as clingy as you used to be *wails*) but come what may, please remember that you are always my favourite little man, from day 1 you were born

Until today, 10 days after your birthday, we still have no special celebration yet for you as you fell sick for a few days before, on & after your birthday. You had batuk & athma that there was one night that you had to be nebulized twice. Poor boy! So, we wait until you are totally free from those nasty germs before we could throw you a birthday party. Your Ummi (or Mommy as per you call her now. Pengaruh Peppa Pig much. Lols!) has planned a birthday party soon & I am so excited to be the party planner!

Do you still remember that you used to love balloons so much that you even incidentally hit your head on the floor once after chasing the balloon like there is no tomorrow? Nasib baik benjol manja-manja sahaja

Like your 2 previous birthdays, Mama Sue got you some birthday presents (note the plural) dengan berganding tenaga & duit with your beloved Papa Su (I hope he's still your favourite person now. Hehe!) We've this let's-buy-him-something-that-he-needs-rather-than-he-wants birthday present policy. We don't like to spend so much on expensive toys on your birthday (sebab dah selalu sangat beli toys), instead, we got you things that could last long. Tak mahal pun tak ape

For your 1st birthday, we got you a play tent. Oh, masa ni Mama Sue had just met Papa Su. So, Mama Sue shared buying this play tent with Tok Ma. Lols! Sorry, masa tu Mama Sue had just started working, tight budget *blush*

Alhamdulillah, until today it's still in a perfect condition. You & your little sister, Maryam like to play inside. I think it makes a great hiding place too when you're too tired with all the dramas in this world. Gitteww!

Papa Su also got you something yakni a pool which fits 5 babies (ke less?), sesuai dengan keobsesan Umar terhadap air tatkala itu (and masih sukakan air ketika post ini ditulis). And yes, Umar pernah yakyak dalam pool ni & Mama Sue lah orang yang bertanggungjawab cuci pool ni sehinggalah diyakini bersih T_T
For your 2nd birthday, we got you a LEKPLATS rug from Ikea
This rug is currently placed at Tok Ma & Tok Bah's house yakni at your so-called work space. It's been washed for a few times already as only Allah knows ape je yang tak pernah tumpah atas rug ni

Andddd, for your 3rd birthday, since you've started & love doodling, colouring & conteng-ing, we got you a MALA (whiteboard & blackboard) from Ikea beserta non-toxic chalks & washable markers from Toys 'R Us. We are so glad that you like it & you've been practicing conteng-ing on it everyday. The most drawn object ialah tak lain tak bukan, your most favourite transport yakni bus
Omey je Tok Abah bersama-sama his 2 cilik pupils. Lols!

Your obsession on something is seasonal. For instance, you used to be so obsessed on Upin Ipin, before you started watching Kampung Boy aka Mat (the main character) & stuck on it. Lepas tu Teletubbies, Peppa Pig & now Doraemon (or Memon as you call it). This cycle of obsession repeats & for now, it's is Kampung Boy & Doraemon. 

Superman watching Doraemon (and yes, you know how to make yourself comfortable while watching your favourite cartoon. Pandai pulak dia)

You're still a manja boy with your Papa Su. Whenever you had to stay here at Tok Ma & Tok Abah's house (on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday & kadang-kadang bila Ummi or Abi had to outstation, you would overnight here), you would know where to sleep yakni in our room. Lols! We really don't mind as we also enjoy your company although terpaksa tido atas lantai beralaskan toto or tido berhimpit-himpit bertiga on the queen sized bed. Tadahal la :')

Papa Su would usually be home at 11 pm & Umar sanggup tunggu Papa Su balik although it was past your bed time sebab nak main lasak-lasak together.

Isn't obvious that they are in love with each other?

Bilikku, bilikmu jua

Umar's first trip to the kedai runcit nearby Tok Abah & Tok Ma's house yakni Kedai Runcit Fatimah Ng. Of course Umar tidak pulang dengan tangan kosong


We also like to bring you jalan-jalan. Walaupun kadang-kadang pening sikit & terpaksa mengeluarkan tenaga yang lebih untuk menjaga Umar semasa di luar, we still love having you around. Terharu dok? Oleh yang demikian, jangan lupa belanja Mama Sue & Papa Su makan di Menate Steak nanti :')

20/08/2016. Aeon Mall Kota Bharu

 20/08/2016. Nando's Aeon Mall Kota Bharu

22/09/2016. Aeon Mall

20/10/2016. Seoul Garden Hot Pot, KB Mall
It was Mama Sue & Papa Su's wedding monthversary dinner dengan kehadiran Umar as the vvip guest. Lols!

Oh, Mama Sue lupa this part! Last year when you celebrated your 2nd birthday, you were still holding your 'The Only Child' title which needless to say, expired about 1 month 8 days later. Lols! You had a baby sister who was born on 09/11/2015 & her name is Maryam Nur Safiyyah. You two get along very well walaupun ada lah drama sikit pada awal bibit-bibit perkenalan I keep some videos as evidence & you may ask to watch them later, if you want

With Tok Ma 

You two have different characters tapi menghiburkan

You two are also good at making things berselerak

Your playroom at your house in Pengkalan Chepa. MasyaAllah, tersipu-sipu Mama Sue tengok

U: Tadaaa! My 6 packs!
M: Diaper penuh ke tewww?

Usya Tok Abah moping the veranda floor dengan harapan dapat join the fun & rain

Watching Boobaa & YamYam got too excited lantas bertepuk tangan

I have so many things to write but secara jujur Mama Sue dah tak larat, nak. Lols!

Akhir kalam, I love you so much baby boy! Kalau tak sayang, tak adalah gambar Umar kat IG Mama Sue lagi banyak daripada gambar Mama Sue sendiri #ishyone #camerashy. Next year Umar & YamYam nak pergi school dah & hopefully, you'll still be our manja & clingy boy (versi lebih matang sedikit mudah-mudahan), alright? May you grow up well & be an awesome guy! Amin ya rabbal alamin

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