Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Lama Menyepi, Kak? Gi Mano?

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

It's been more than a month since my last post! Where did I go? *wipes off dust & spider web*

I've been occupied with a lot of things in hand lately that finding some time to blog is such a rare opportunity. Actually sebab malas pun ya. Lols! And, I've been not in the best state of health as well. Will blog about this soon. Yang ni macam must do sebab ya ampun, banyak betul eventful memories tak terupdate sini. Rasa macam sayang pulak. Uploading photos on IG with long captions & updating blog are totally 2 different things. Feeling dia tak sama

And these 2 also have been keeping me busy.

1 yo Maryam (she turned 1 on 10/11 recently. I missed updating about her birthday *cries*) & 3 yo Abam Umar. Dua-dua makan banyak MasyaAllah!

Because nobody is too young for henna #tokmasproject

YamYam really enjoys the company of her brother, Abam Umar. Tapi sebab YamYam masih kecil, suka melasak & suka tekan-tekan keyboard, there you go. Di atas kerusi di sebelah katil awak duduk sambil menonton Memon (Doraemon)

Jika tuan bijak bestari, yang mana satukah Doraemon sebenar?

Babysitting 2 active toddlers isn't easy. Walaupun Mama Sue take over task after office hours je yakni from 5.30 pm till Ummi dorang datang fetch (but sometimes overnight sini jugak), but still, it's tiring. Now I know why I never had any dream to have my own playschool/taska/taski. Berangan nak ada cat cafe, pet shop & bookstore adalah. Sis kagum kepada golongan babysitters di luar sana

Tapi kalau tak jumpa hatta 1 day, rindu already & I would keep looking at their photos & videos on my phone #obsessedaunty #clingyaunty #theybetterfeelthesameaboutme

10.17 pm & A.H is in his way home from work. Yours trully masih belum mandi yet. Uh oh! Till then

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