Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I think, other than the excitement waiting for the arrival of the little one, preparing for the baby stuff is also fun! I mean, you can't or won't always have people telling you to buy these & that but when you're expecting, suddenly people start pouring their concern whether you've started buying baby stuff or not. Pahtu, ada reasons pulak to shop more!

I'm 22w4d today or 5 months & a half and we haven't bought anything yet! Not even a single garment. Orang cakap better la beli sikit-sikit sebab tak de la terasa banyak spend duit nanti kan beli sekaligus which is so true. For now, A.H & I have started surveying some important baby stuff & this tops up our search list; Doona Infant Car Seat
Fall in love with its 2 in 1 function & mobility; a convertible infant car seat & stroller all in one! It simplifies the parents' task by folding from a car seat to a stroller, without the hassle to attach or detach anything at all. I'm not a fan of bulky & heavy strollers, no matter how fancy they are. Oleh yang demikian, Doona sangat praktikal & sesuai bagi bakal ibubapa (insyaAllah!) yang selalu travel balik kampung & berkunjung ke mall atau sekadar berjalan-jalan di taman bunga di samping terus mengekalkan kehidupan yang minima & ruang kereta yang selesa #captionskemaumpamacogankataperaduananjuranpasaraya #lols

But we still keep our options open though walaupun hati mak memang dah jatuh hati dengan Doona. I kept playing the related Doona videos over & over again that A.H had become so bored with it & said "Dah 50 kali dia tengok video ni" -.-'

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