Sunday, 5 February 2017

Low Hb Count

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Had my 9th appointment at the clinic this morning, accompanied by the one who is responsible for my pregnancy (Lols!) yakni tak lain tak bukan, A.H. My Hb count is getting lower during every visit/appointment to the clinic (Klinik Desa nearby), from 11.8 (during 10w) to 9.6 (during today's check up at 23w). Since the Hb count is below 11, I'm required to see the nurse once in 2 weeks, instead of usual once in 1 month

So, since Hb count makin tak comey, of course the nurse didn't feel happy about it & asked me to go to Klinik Kesihatan Kubang Kerian to have my blood tested. Ha sudohhh! I don't have time to go to KK sebab going to KK without any appointment ibarat menunggu pelakon opera cina siap bermekap.

And oh yes, A.H & I are among those people with a high level of patient because we're so gigih going to government clinic, instead of private clinic. You never know you're that patient until you've to wait 30 minutes (minimum) until it's your turn to see the doctor/nurse yang tempoh consultationnya tak sampai pun 15 minutes pun sometimes. Lols! I think most parents can totally relate this. Nonetheless, we have so much faith in government health service that we don't mind getting involved in that waiting game. Haruslah sis berkobar-kobar support government service sebab A.H kan staff KKM 

The solution: the nurse suggested that A.H draws my blood, takes the sample to his workplace, gets the result & informs her via whatsapp. Lagi senang & pantas. But if the result tak comey, I need to come & see the visiting doc on 14/02 & still need to come for my fortnight appointment on 19/02. Uh oh!

A.H: Sakit ni. Tahan sikit. Nervous tak? 
S: Oh ye ke? *trying to distract myself by taking photos*

That wasn't the 1st time my blood was drawn though but tqvm Baby for being concern or were you just trying to scare me?

Anyway, the blood result was out a few hours later & it isn't that good. Huhu! 

I've been getting lectures from A.H on the important of eating healthy food & not to skip my meals although I might already feel kenyang. Oh, this is hard because I don't usually take frequent heavy meals in a day, even before I'm pregnant. So far, I've just gained 4 kg with the current weight 50 kg

And sis rase sis akan berterusan mendapat ceramah daripada beliau setiap hari sehinggalah Hb sis mencapai tahap normal kembali. Sigh! Now I understand when people said that mak-mak ni dah start risau kat anak even before the baby is born.

We can do this, Little Iman! Tout le meilleur, mon bébé! InsyaAllah!

 Oh btw, we decided to call him/her Iman or Faith which means 'Belief' :)

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