Sunday, 19 February 2017

Baby Clothes & Such

The beginning of more Cookie Monster/Sesame Street stuff in the future!

A.H & I went to the Kid & Baby Fair held in KTC, Kota Bharu last Friday, 17/02/2017. Being the inexperienced parents we are, of course we are not an expert in that baby department & it felt like a dream being in a hall surrounded by married, expecting couples with crying, running & screaming kid(s) in tow!

Woww! Finally, we're among the crowd now. Hehe!  Sebelum ni kalau jalan-jalan masuk baby or kid department, survey or beli barang for our nephew & niece je

The Mother has started pestering me to start buying the baby stuff since I was 4 month pregnant & I thought "Meh! Awal lagi kot? Chill Ma chill!" It was just a few weeks ago that we've started asking around seriously for opinions & views on what to buy, what's good, what's better, what's (more) important & other questions regarding the baby checklist. What we had read & heard were true. Memang banyak duit spent, tak padan barang kecik haluih size xxs kan? But InsyaAllah, every child has his/her own rizq

03/02/2017. Sogo
Buying the first batch of Little I's clothes (dengan disertai baju untuk Abam Umar & YamYam sekali)

Whilst I'm trying to give our future child an image of a cool & fun kid, A.H may have opinions different than mine at times. Like when I like cat print, he prefers zebra. Maka haruslah berkompromi oleh kerana masing-masing have a fair share of contribution during the child making process. Lolololol!

Anyway, we missed some items from the list & had seen that coming anyway. Hehe! Maka the next day, 18/02/2017 we visited the Fair again & made the booth owners a few RM richer

We still have a few items unticked from the list though which we hope to complete during our balik kampung trip to KL in the early March. I'll be 7 month plus pregnant at that time & don't think that I'll be able to make another balik kampung trip during my 3rd trimester or when it's getting nearer to my EDD on 02/06 (InsyaAllah)

Honestly, 7 hour journey from KB - KL - KB is no joke especially when you're carrying extra weight on your belly. The cramp & lenguh-lenguh can be very torturing campur dengan sakit badan all over the body. Huhu! But cannotla selfish juga kan? Little I is going to be the first grandchild in A.H's family & A.H of course wants to share his excitement with his Family, especially his Mother. Dah la lately tak selalu balik (unlike before, every 2 or 3 weeks balik), so kita bagi semua orang happy!

And hopefully, during the next balik kampung trip, sempatlah mek makan kat Wong Solo. I've been craving for it since my early days of pregnancy. Even before pregnant pun memang craving sokmo Ayam Penyet Wong Solo. Haih! I miss you, you know spicy sambal, jus melon & emping?

Btw, can you guess the gender of our Little I from these sets? :)

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