Sunday, 19 February 2017

Nesting Mode: On

Dear Little I, I would like to offer a sincere apology that there's a high possibility that your future nursery will be of boring pale colours. Uh oh!

Assalamualaikum & hallo! 

I think my nesting-mode has begun & being a big fan of interior design I'm (hence the acah-acah deco tag in this blog), of course I want to do some makeover to our bedroom at home. Like right now! Can't we have the room ready as soon as possible because this excited mommy to be is so itchy to do some diy projects & decorate the room, pretty please?

Oh, we're go to co-sleep with our future child btw. Will train him/her to sleep in his own bassinet & coat as early as possible untuk keselamatan & kesejahteraan bersama

While some parents love to decorate the room with some bright colourful colours with some fun themes like jungle & zoo theme etc, I'll  we'll stick to our all time favourite colours yakni black, white & grey. Tak lari banyak la from our current bedroom theme colours

Anyhow, we still have 2 major items unticked from the list:-

1. A white or grey baby cot

A simple cot will do but I prefer the one with wheels sebab senang nak move around kan? We saw the exact coat as IKEA Hensvik at Aeon Mall the other day. It's from Sweet Cherry brand; grey, sturdy, affordable & the most important thing, it has wheels! Not bad. Might consider it as well

2. A Baby Chest/Drawer

Our wardrobes can no longer accept any additional batch(es) of clothes. So, a baby chest/drawer is a must. Plus nampak organize sikit kan? I also love IKEA Hemnes (like the one in the first photo from your left) but don't think spending RM1299 on the chest alone is one good idea. Baik beli proper wardrobe terus

Yang lain-lain macam bumper pad, quilt cover, bed canopy, stuffed toys, wall deco etc, boleh add on from time to time rasanya. InsyaAllah

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