Tuesday, 28 March 2017

I'm Officially In The Swollen Feet Club

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

During my 1st trimester & early 2nd trimester of pregnancy, I was still wearing my formal black court shoes (high heels) to the courts & that of course made my concerned friends went 😱 at me. Hehe!

I miss you, my pretty best friend. We shall be reunited soon!

Honestly, I'm not a high heel kind of person as I wear flats all the time but for a person who stands at 153 cm, wearing high heels definitely boosts her confidence running in the runway (read: courts) & that person is *coughs* me #shortgirlsproblem

And these, OMG! Can I have all of them please please please? Where can I get them without getting my bank account zero?

So I bid temporary au revoir to them, I mean my high heels, not my friends la hehe & lived on my favourite pair of black Jelly Bunny flats which I bought during our honeymoon wayyyy back in February 2015. They still look good & they are still as comfortable as the first time I slipped my feet into them more than 2 years ago. Talk about the quality & durability! I wear them anywhere I go; courts, malls, beach, kenduris, pasar etc. So sad that they have stopped producing the collection, if not I would buy the same pairs in different colours

During 1 of many beach trips that we had together

Namun, langit tidak selalunya cerah, the same thing goes to my feet & my beloved Jelly Bunny flats. No matter how much I want them to stay friends, unfortunately, my swollen feet (especially in this 3rd trimester) demand more. After spending long hours at the courts or jalan banyak-banyak, my feet would be lenguh-lenguh, swollen & turn red. Not to forget, my feet size has also upgraded itself from 36 to 37 tanpa segan silu

Yes, the day has finally come & I'm now in the same club as other pregnant women who face the same swollen feet dilemma. Lols!

So, hallo new & more comfortable black flats! I'll bring you jalan-jalan to the court tomorrow & next week ok?

I can't remember how many black flats/shoes/sandals I've owned in my entire life but black is sexy!

Tqvm A.H for these walaupun nawaitu kita bercerita via whatsapp as I was walking alone in Aeon Mall last Sunday was just to tell, not to give him hints or anything. But I guess, some husbands can read their wives well, even via whatsapp msg & my Husband is the best at that :P

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