Sunday, 2 April 2017

Something White & Pretty

River Island Floral Embroidered Panel Clip Top Purse

I've been eyeing some pretty purses from River Island & the one in the photo above currently tops up the list. Sigh! So pretty!

It's not as expensive as Dior or Channel but knowing me, I know how careful I've been with my spending. Especially amidst the preparation for our child's arrival soon. Could have used the money to buy something else.

But, my collection of purses has stopped growing since last year (Lols!) & I think I'm in need of a new purse. Something pretty & elegant; like the one above. Saw a pretty girl last weekend at Watson with a handsome black purse & suddenly, couldn't help but to feel so down. Me? A selekeh pregnant woman with very poor fashion sense T_T #pregnancyhormones #pregnancybrain

That's it!

I'm so going to buy it!

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