Tuesday, 11 July 2017

4 Weeks of Happiness ♥

 Iman Soraya. 4 Weeks Old. 11/07/2017

Our precious Daughter, Iman Soraya turns 4 weeks / 1 month old today! Alhamdulillah!

4 weeks means 30 days of happiness, sleep-deprived Papa &  Mama (hehe!), many first try & error incidents, many first moments etc. Parenthood is full with ups & downs but Alhamdulillah for giving us the chance to experience all these. We are highly grateful to Allah swt

At this age, Iman really loves her milk 🍼 (4oz sekali minum sometimes), sleeping in people's arms (she's not choosy yet at this age. Hehe!), staring at people as if she's studying them & likes to sleep in our air conditioned room. She dislikes noise, waiting for her milk & wet diaper. Taking care of her isn't difficult, Alhamdulillah & hopefully this will continue until Iman besarlah. InsyaAllah

Oh, it also means I've another 4 weeks before I go back to work. Oh noooo! I'm not ready yet to leave this Little Girl at home! She needs me! And I need to love her more. We need each other la senang cerita! Why can't we have 2 years of maternity leave instead? #clingymother #dilemaseorangibubekerja

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