Tuesday, 25 July 2017

6 Weeks Of Utmost Happiness ♥

Iman Soraya. 6 Weeks Old. 25/07/2017

Dear my precious Daughter, Iman Soraya

You are just 6 weeks old but the love I have for you feels like it has been there for eternity. I never knew a mother's love can be this deep, selfless, fierce & strong. You are constantly in my mind, my priority & one of the utmost reasons I want to be a better person everyday

Grow up well & healthy, Love. Mama & Papa love you so much that we would do anything to see you grow up well, InsyaAllah. Mama juga berdoa semoga fasa cepat terjaga from nap ini serta diiringi tangisan bergelingan air mata bakal berakhir very very soon. Mama nak start kerja dah ni Iman & thinking about it makes me sad. I'm so going to miss youuuuu! :(

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