Monday, 7 May 2018

Life Update

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Oh dear!

My last blog update was 9 months ago! Where did all the times go? Iman was just 50 days old when I published my last post & today she's already 327 days old & in a couple of weeks, insyaAllah she'll turn 1 year old. Even typing this makes me sad. Sigh! Like seriously, it really feels like yesterday I had her for the first time in my arms. Sigh! Emo tidak semena-mena. Can she be my baby forever? Tak puas lagi nak gomoi-gomoi ni T_T

Life update in general; nothing much to shout out about. Still working in the same firm. Turned a year older in January (I need to update that 'About Me' thingy on the right side of this blog). A.H & I celebrated our third wedding anniversary in February. And oh! I'm currently enjoying motherhood which keeps me busy with 1001 things in mind. But hey no complain here. I'm honestly enjoying it. Alhamdulillah for this rizq given by The Almighty

I honestly miss blogging. Instagram is cool & fun, but writing a long caption macam essay (like you do in blogging) there isn't cool. Ada lagi ke orang baca blog? It saddens me to think that I've missed updating Iman's milestone here. From her first beach trip, her first roll over, her first teddy bear etc. This first time mother guilt; I hope it's not only me :(

Will try my best to come & update here often. InsyaAllah

06/04/2018.  Laman Sentosa Boutique Residence, Kuantan
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voirsurm said...

Ya Allllllllah. I have beennnnnnn waiting for KakCookie's update. Finalllyyyyyy. Penat buka takde cerita. follow dari zaman takdok degree sapa loni kotttttt. Banuak belajo omputeh dari KakSunshine saya! Only Allah knows -yourJR, AN

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