Wednesday, 16 May 2018

11 Months Of Utmost Happiness ♥

11 months of us three
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Alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah. Our Iman Soraya turned 11 months old on last Sunday, 13/05/2018. Another month to go & she'll be 1 year old, InsyaAllah

Since Iman's birthday will be in Ramadhan, a few days before Aidilfitri to be exact; I'm thinking of having an birthday iftar with the family. Read an article somewhere that celebrating the first birthday isn't all about the merriness of the celebration but more on how meaningful it is to your child. You might think that your child won't remember much about his/her first birthday but it's important to make him/her happy, surrounded by some familiar & lovely faces. After all, you definitely want some nice birthday photos not crying kid with tears oozing on his/her cheeks, don't you? Hehe!

But if I'm given the chance to host Iman's first birthday party, I would like to have her favourite things 'present' too. And you know what she likes most nowadays? Doraemon, Omar & Hana and Baby Shark. Boleh tahan meriah kalau semua VVIP tersebut hadir

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Anonymous said...

I can be doraemon for her! Doaemon who sings baby shark dododoya ��������

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