Wednesday, 20 July 2011

From LW 213 To LW 222. Alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah & congratulations to my other colleagues of BLS {Hons} Class of 2011

This is the second most-awaited result after my final exam result last 3 weeks & I've to admit that I was quite cuak sampaikan Ma nak beli kain ela untuk di pakai semasa LL.B pun {we're required to wear all black & white everyday}, I put it on hold dulu. I passed the requirements needed {the CGPA, the limitation imposed to the number of students etc} but who knows they would turn down my application ayte? Huhu! Now I can skip happily without having to think about it anymore. Yayy! 

For those who aren't familar with UiTM Faculty of Law, unlike other universities which offer Law degree {e.g IIUM, UM, UKM, UNISZA, UUM, USIM & some private colleges} for 4 consecutive years, UiTM on the other hand, is on 3+1 programme. Having said that, upon completion of the 3 years of bachelor's degree known as Bachelor of Legal Studies {BLS}, the students have the options whether to further their studies in LL.B {Hons} for 2 semesters or read Masters of Law {LL.M} or you can jump into work field straight away. However, without LL.B, one won't enable to practice law {read more here}

Maknanya, we'll have 2 degrees & 2 convocation ceremonies. WoohOo!

Anyway, this is the list of subjects for Part 1 LL.B *shivers* {credits to Fyzal}

1. Law of Evidence I
2. Advanced Criminal Procedure I
3. Advanced Civil Procedure I
4. Remedies
5. Non-Contentious Legal Matters
6. Solicitors Account
7. Criminal Trial and Advocacy
8. Forensic Science
9. Bahasa Melayu Undang-Undang

{P/s:} Read From LW 213 to LW 222 {Part 1} here! Merci!


ihsan_huhu said...

study lek lok leh dpt anugerah ibrahim ali.


Shahida said...

Congratulations dear! So this means you're going to further another degree level lah kan?
Anyway, very pretty blog layout :)

Fitri Ezwan said...

tahniah. moga terus maju!

soleil m said...

thanks but no thanks! lol!

tqvm! good luck to u too dear! and blog awak lagi cantik kot? :D

but it means another 1 year or hellish torture, i'm not kidding & this one is gonna be more tortuous than ever. some ppl say, it's 10x worst than chambering. huhu! :(

tqvm! all the best to u too, doc! ;)

Hawa CMS said...

congrats dear sis
im so proud of ya!

soleil m said...

@kak hawa
tqvm dr hawa! tapi jadi doctor lagi coooool kot dari lawyer? ;)

LionHeart said...

beb pe kelayakan dari Lw213 ke Lw222?
alhamdulillah saya dpt Lw213 intake mac ni..

soleil m said...

salam & hi!

I don't know what is the latest requirement for LW213 nowadays sebab dgr hari tu the law programme in UiTM akan automatically jadi 4 years, instead of 3 + 1 macam ktrg dulu2

But, from what I know, in order to further LW213, one must obtain AT LEAST 2.8 CGPA in Bach of Legal Studies (BLS/LW213) + Muet Band 4. Beside that akan ada quota berapa ramai 1 batch utk Bach of Laws (LL.B/LW 222) nanti

The better your result, lagi bagus utk secure a place in LW222. and biasanya dorg arrange kelas ikut your result. say, those with 3.00 & above, dapat kelas A,B,C & D and so on :)

May I know where are you from? I mean from Asasi or Diploma? :)

Zatiiqa Hisham said...

Salam. Sy nak tumpang tanya, berkenaan dgn akak ckp mgenai BLS ke LLB tu mcm mana ye?

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