Monday, 15 August 2011

A Love-Hate Relationship With Shawls

Once in a while, I ditch my tudung bawals & try to be friend with shawls just for the sake of wanting to look different & putting aside that boring look of mine. I've a love-hate relationship with my shawls, I love them but sometimes it's just one sided love which is really hurts *coughs*

Well, you see, I've an oval shaped face & to wear them with style needs a high level of passion & patient

I've been searching high & low for the most appropriate & easy way to wear the shawls. It must be simple, hassle free & most importantly it must cover the chest :) Ma bought quite a number of abayas/jubah from Mekah & Madinah & each of them comes with a shawl. So, now we've like dozens of black shawls at home!

Btw, this tutorial is the best so far. Stumbled upon it at my junior's tumblr & I'm liking it very very very the mucho! *bimbo moment alerts*

Apparently, from hasil aktiviti stalk saya, the girl is from Malaysia & recently graduated in architecture from IIUM. Check out her Fb page, Moon HMZ writes & draws & her blog! So creative. She's a good writer as well! :D

No picture of me rocking the style above because it's been a well known fact that Suria never looks good when the clock strikes 12 am. Lol!

 Love their dresses, the right one especially!
But being petite me, wearing that would probably make me look like moving circus tent :'(

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