Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 19 - A Picture & A Letter

Can I ganti 'a letter' with my usual babbling? Can eh? Ok, tqvm :)

I may not be the best person to talk about beauty, let alone having my say on the latest fashion & make up. I even had this random thought that I may go all natural on my engagement & wedding day. Talk about wanting to be safe & don't want to be a guinea pig :P

Btw, I've a confession to make *coughs*

At the risk of being labeled as a weirdo, I've to admit that I've this habit of stalking some of my girl friends' pictures on Fb or blogs {especially good looking ones :P}, to the extent of keeping their pictures in my laptop. Oh don't worry, I'm straight & cute guys still get my attention {Lol! What a statement di bulan puasa yang mulia ini} but seriously, how can you resist admiring their cute & pretty face? I've quite a number of girl friends who were born with a perfect combo; pretty/cantik/cute + brainy & living a life like this world is paradise {ok, I'm exaggerating of course but you get my drift ayte?} yet still keeping their feet on the ground instead of floating around like helium balloons

One thing that I firmly believe & keep reminding myself over & over again {especially when the jealousy vibe hits me} is just to be true to myself, redha & syukur dengan apa yang saya ada. As cliche as it may be, beauty lies on the eyes of beholder but if you know how to parade it well, even baju pasar malam can be as vogue as baju yang di beli di butik Zara. Xoxo!

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