Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Iftar At New Horizon Garden Restaurant

Had iftar with Kakak & her PTN friends at New Horizon Garden Restaurant, K.Bharu last Thursday. I was kind of a substitute to teman Kakak la lebih kurang as the Brother-in-law was away for a few days, attending a conference at UiTM S.Alam

Since it's just 5 minute drive from our house, janji 8:30 tapi 8:20 baru terkedek-kedek keluar rumah. Well, it was like more on my fault, anak dara bersiap haruslah ambil masa sedikit y'all. Bak kata orang Kelate, 'tunggu nasik turung pperuk' :')

Lauk-pauk sampai lambat, maybe tukang masak took their sweet times to have their iftar too in the kitchen. Hehe! Other than ikan siakap, we also had butter prawns, kailan ikan masin, mushroom soup & a few dishes I couldn't recall now *rubs growling tummy & tells it to behave*. The food rate; 5/10

"Hi! My name is Nur Allana Zara & this is my favourite pose. I turn 3 years old this month & yesterday was my Ibu's birthday. Happy belated birthday, Ibu. Me wuv youuu a lot!" *waves at Kak Mimi*

Cik Sue & Zara go purple & pink!

Muka tidak kenyang mungkin?

From L to R: Kak Mimi, yours truly, Zara, Kak Wajie, Kakak & Kak Siti
I was the odd one out for wearing baju kurung -.-' 


Fitri Ezwan said...

Most Kelantanese I saw were quite proud of this Horizon seafood chain-restaurants. (I don't know what to call it, franchise?). Had one branch back in Sitiawan, Perak.

But, from my humble point of view, while the food were generally okay, the place is quite overrated.

The portion of food served were also unfortunately quite small-for-price.

But then again, this is from my personal experience. To be fair, maybe it is just an one-off thing.

Hopefully they can improve. I'll support any good Muslim business/entrepreneurial company. InshaAllah...

Maybe Mek kito ni nok buko satu? Oghe pue klate ni suko meniago..byk yg successful pula tu =)

salam layt' al-qadr

soleil m said...

couldn't agree more with u, fit. it was my first time dining there tapi before that mmg ade dgr reviews (from my own parents & kakak) that d food is just ok :)

malangnya, tak dok bakak dale berniago. even nok tawar menawar kt kedai pon x sapa hati sbb sian ko peniago. i guess, i don't inherit my mom's passion in business. hehe!

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