Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Step By Step To The Source

Allow me to be over excited now, dear readers. Yayyy!

1) It started with this twit by Sami Yusuf

2) Out of curiosity, it led me to this link

3) A few seconds later, I received this

4) And lastly, this! Woots! {Please ignore the other recent downloads I've made (#-.-#)}

It's Sami Yusuf's latest song entitled The Source, another brilliant one I must say! It has a sort of Chinese music element I think & it's in English & Arabic. I'm sure Abah's going to love it too! :D

The free download is available for limited time only. I'm not sure whether you can download it at 4shared but if you want the song, I can e-mail it to you. Just shoot me an e-mail first la tapi, suria.muhammad@gmail.com :)
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