Friday, 25 November 2011

Naked Pucat Face

I lost a make up bag {a very humble one I may add} & a facial wash yesterday. Both took place at Level 6 wash room & surau at Level 7. It was my fault {or more like I was so clumsy -.-'} but seriously people, taking other people's stuff in the surau? You go there to pray or mencuri? >:-(

 {pict googled}

Well, there was nothing much inside; a Maybeline compact power, Silkygirl lipstick, Cosmoderm tee tree oil, Dior Addict perfume miniature, 2 colours Elianto baked eyeshadows & some other stuff. Andddddd, yang paling sedih ialah kehilangan pencuci muka Safi which I just bought 3 days ago at Mini Mydin at the faculty T_T

Mek baru nak berjinak-jinak dengan Safi. I think, macam bagus juga pakai Safi ni kerana ia tak mengeringkan kulit mek yang sensitif ini. I need to restock all above asap sebab rasa togel pucat lesu sahaja kulit muka ini

Or perhaps, I'll just go all natural till the end of the semester. Parading around my naked pucat face isn't bad at all ayte? Kecantikan semulajadi katanya. Lol!

A baby penguin is ready to go to school! And those eye bags, gosh! Look what LL.B has done to her!

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