Wednesday, 8 February 2012

"Don't Talk To Me About Muhammad (PBUH)!"

This nasheed is by brother Dawud Wharnsby & it describes the conversation between an old pagan arab lady & a stranger who offers to help her. Watch the video & discover how this meeting turns a pagan old woman into a believer

The Prophet (pbuh) offered to help this woman & all she does throughout their encounter is to mock & malign the Prophet (pbuh). Yet, he says nothing. He continues to help the woman with her load. He doesn't lash back at her; He doesn't pray for God's destruction upon her; He doesn't drop her stuff & let her fend for herself. No. He helps the woman anyway, & when she finds out who he is, all she could do was follow him into Islam

Yet, the fact that she became Muslim isn't the most important aspect of this story. It was the Prophet's character thats amazing the most. It's this aspect of the Prophet's sunnah that many of us have completely neglected

{credits to sakebloom programming}
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