Monday, 14 May 2012

My First Asam Pedas! *Bimbo Tone*

I'm an avid lover of anything spicy; sambal belacan, macaroni soup {you owe me this wahai Kakakku T_T}, sotong kering paket yang di beli di Langkawi, laksa penang, keropok segera sira & tidak lain tak bukan, ayam penyet *drums roll* Wong Solo! WoohOo!

So, when my firmmate Eja told me that her mom cooks cry-river-me-a-river pedasnya dishes, my brain quickly associated it with this formula

Eja & her family love pedas food = all johorean dishes are pedas

And that equation eventually led me to trying out this asam pedas at this one restaurant at Sect 7, Shah Alam named, Restauran Asam Pedas {yes yes, I know. So cliche ayte? :P} on Sunday last 2 weeks. My first experience with asam pedas, couldn't help it but to document it here. Merci :')

I don't like fish, except those yummy fish served at Manhattan Fish Market *wipes off saliva*, so I ordered daging asam laksa something something instead, unlike Yana & Anas. I didn't remember the last time I ate daging but it surely didn't taste that way. Ke tengah high baru lepas test Bahasa Melayu pada petang itu? -.-'

I didn't manage to push everything through my throat, though. Maka, Yana, Anas & Cheqa did the honour to habiskan the daging on my behalf. Bagus makan dengan depa ni. Hewhewhew!

Senior Partner saya yang hyper sokmo

Anas & his Iron Mydin shirt

Cheqa hanya memerhatikan sahaja ke-hyper-an Yana

Armchair critic mode: ON

Well, I couldn't justify it yet whether I liked asam pedas or not sebab according to Eja, asam pedas served at that restaurant is a bit pekat. So, I would like to reserve my comment until I find the most perfect asam pedas yang could make me cry a river! Now, anyone know where is the best place that serves the best Johorean dishes around S.Alam & kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya?

And apakah motif mek tiba-tiba bersemangat ke-Johor-an ini?

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