Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 1 of Being A Penganggur

Oh boy, it felt great. So great that I spent the whole day in my room; slept, played The Sims 3, ate choco cake, played The Sims 3, watched movie which I even didn't realize its existence in my external hard disk & other unproductive things the penganggur would do. You know, those non-academic stuff. Hehe!

I need to go to bed. Walaupun sudah habis exam, apparently we still have one assignment pending -.-' So, that makes me half-penganggur

Btw, I've been receiving the same question from the family at kampung every day, asking me when I'll be home. Relax relax people, let me enjoy my tidur here. Nanti balik K.Bharu qadha tidur lagi. Nyahahah!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

im sure you will miss shah alam.

tehehe samo mace sayo maso abih degree dulu. maso mari smla utk kijo sero nok nangis tgk shah alam.

or it is me hok over bedo'oh :p


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