Thursday, 12 July 2012

Khatam Sudah Final Examku. Alhamdulillah


Bahasa Melayu For Law II

Advanced Civil Procedure II

Law of Evidence II

Advanced Criminal Procedure II

So, we finished our last paper this afternoon. Alhamdulillah. The last & final one for LL.B (Hons) for Part 2 students which needless to say, is the most difficult among other 5 papers. Tsk!

3 semesters of Pre Degree Law + 3 years of Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) + 1 year of LL.B (Hons), so is it safe to say that I'm done with law school now? For real? Like seriously? No kidding? WoohOo! Alhamdulillah! :D

No matter how much I love UiTM Faculty of Law, but to go through this 5 years & a half lawyer-red journey all over again would definitely make me think zillion times, unless somebody generous is willing to pay me RM 1M, then I would probably consider it siap dengan solat istikarah bagai. Hehe!

It's a mixture of everything blended to become one chapter. Ni baru belajar, kerja nanti tak tahu la how kan? Cuak mek memikirkannya

And I think I look much older as compared to a picture taken after my last of LL.B Part 1 paper about 6 months ago. Oh my, how fast time flied. Akan tetapi, jejerawats tetap maintainnnn


Well, at least nampak proper sikit kan walaupun masih tidak semenggah
Precious eye bags, wait arr? Nati biye tite free, tite treat awak otayyy? *tiru suara Nicky*


Ummu said...

LLb.. b4 without a zit, later theres a zit all of a sudden. tahniah dh habis paper =)

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

Tahniah sudah habis belajar =)

seronok jadi student Law


merasa konvokesyen berkali-kali


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