Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dear IT Guy

My babies; Rouge & Azraq

I was browsing the internet last night when a notification suddenly popped out on the screen. Thinking that it would be just another advertisement & without actually really paying attention to it, I did the worst decision ever, I clicked on it. Silly me! -.-'

Little that I know that it was actually Windows Firewall / Antivirus trying to bug me to pay for their service but in a really mean way. I can't do anything; can't browse the internet, can't play or watch any video & can't run any application on my laptop, including The Sims 3. So, now my 3 month & a half old Rouge is literally lumpuh. Stresssssss mek memikirkannya!

I tried to be a saviour or a knight in a shining armour or MekGyver by searching for some useful tips to fix this problem, found this & tried it a few times but nothing changed. Double stressss & super annoying with continuous notifications keep popping out every minute!

I'm currently using Kakak's notebook, sitting side by side with Rouge. I can't imagine how people with bigger fingers typing on this size of keyboard though. Everything looks so smalllll! Tangan mek yang agak petite ni, {kalau size kasut maybe 4} ni pun rasa macam tak cukup space nak menaip T_T

This isn't the first time it happened. The last time was with my old laptop. Sent it to Kakak's IT Guy at her office, he formatted the laptop & problem solved. Most importantly, free of charge. Hehe! But, mek tidak belajar dari kesilapan lampau nampaknya

So, dear IT guy at Kakak's office, now I lay my life, I mean my laptop's life on you
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