Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bidding Goodbye to Twitter

No longer applies to me anymore

About a week before Raya, I decided that it's best to deactivate my Twitter account after considering the pros & cons. Of course there were some reasons behind it but I'm glad that I don't miss tweeting at all, so much to my own surprise

I was once a Twitter junkie. I tweeted in the classes especially during those boring law lectures {seronok bila classmates & batch mates pun ramai kat Twitter. Lagilah ralit. Hehe!} I tweeted when I was happy, sad & boring. My Sister knew I was captivated under the pressure when my twits were all merapu & stressful. Besides tweeting with the Sister & friends, I used Twitter as a medium to share some good & religious quotes for the benefits of own self & others, InsyaAllah

However, I realized my intention of having it isn't just for fun per se when I discovered something later on. Things started to get haywire & ugly that it even disturbed me during solat terawikh, so much so that I decided to call it a quit

And I did :)

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