Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Baby Raja or Baby Nik?

"Assalamualaikum & hello worldddd!"

Kanik {the BIL's cousin) safely delivered a healthy baby girl yesterday evening at Klinik Bersalin An-nur, Kubang Kerian. Alhamdulillah!

Well, the Baby decided that it will be fun to make her Mama wait for her arrival. So, instead of making a debut on 31 August, she delayed it till 4 September. Kesian the Mama had to suffer a bit. Hehe!

Ini Kanik pada 30 August 2012

We arrived at the clinic about 40 minutes after the delivery. Klinik agak sibuk ketika itu, so the Baby had to wait for a while before having her very first shower. Kesian Baby lapar. Nak pegang-pegang pipi pun also cannot la sebab Baby belum mandi 

But the good thing is, I got to see the Baby fresh from the oven & it was my first time! MasyaAllah, it felt surreal to actually witness a person's first hour after being brought into this world. The feeling was overwhelming!

While the Baby was having her first shower, we couldn't help being so jakun. Hopefully we didn't disturb Dr Siti Rochmah doing her job. Hehe!

The excited Papa 

Masa tengah mandikan, tiba-tiba the patient next room nak bersalin. Ha, sudohhhh! Mek panik tak semena-mena because being the youngest in the family, mek harus mengakui mek agak jakun & panik dengan suasana seperti ini

After a few pushes, a baby boy was safely delivered, weight close to 4 kg. Alhamdulillah 

Actually, bukan bilik sebelah pun. There was just a dinding pemisah in between two patients, tu pasal mek tahu detailsnya tapi takkan lah mek nak cerita everything kat sini. Over sangat, macam mek pulak yang bersalin kan? *blush* 

It's the Prophet Muhammad's sunnah {pbuh} to give a name to the newborn after 7 days, so the Baby's name is still a mystery for now. Since, the Papa & Mama are Raja & Nik, mungkin boleh panggil Baby Raja or Baby Nik. Hehe!

Anyway, congratulations to Abg Jo {a short form from Raja or Rajo in Kelantanese, I just knew} & Kanik {a short form from Kak Nik} for their little princess. Since the firm & their house are just so dekat, please expect frequent visits from me & Kakak soon. Hehe!

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