Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Meet My Table

So, this morning my Master & I went to Pasir Mas & Tanah Merah Land Offices for the Land Sale & Purchase agreement & Probate matter -> intro sungguh kebudak-budakkan di situ

Being a newbie with all my knowledge in Land Law & Probate seemed to fade away {need to dig out all the old notes!}, the most that I could do were to help my Master bring her files & flash everyone the best smile myself could offer

And it feels so awkward when the Master introduced me to the other lawyers because I feel so smallll! :((

Anyway, meet my table at the firm

 Can you tell which one is mine? Well, obviously the left one -.-'

My neighbour is a chambering student from UIA & he's been with the firm for 2 months. Beliau buat criminal litigation, maka beliau busy sokmo. Look at all the files. Age 24, a young father of two & his wife is a final year medic student at USM; hebbak!

Nasib baik beliau sudah kawin, maka kuranglah sedikit rasa malu-malu mek. Hewhewhew!

 Counting the time to balik by cam-whoring a bit & the Master wasn't around tatkala gambar ini di ambil

A moo cup is a birthday present from Yana :)

I need to sleep
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