Monday, 3 September 2012

My First Day. Bismillah

Today is my first day as a chambering student in a legal firm in Kota Bharu. Alhamdulillah

Before going to the bed last night, I promised myself to sleep earlier than usual, so that I won't have difficulty to wake up & not feel regret the next morning looking like a petite zombie. But tell me how to sleep early when you had 2 mugs of coffee for buka puasa? :((

Being the youngest in the family, my parents will always be so semangat about my 'first times'. They sent me right in front of the firm this morning, had breakfast at the warung across the road & had their eyes set on me until my Master came to pick me to Kompleks Mahkamah Pasir Mas. Sempat melambai-lambai ke arah mereka before masuk kereta Master. I feel like a kindergarten kid & boleh pulak masa kat office tiba-tiba homesick. Tsk!

Now you see one of the reasons why I'm doing chambering at my hometown, eh? Hehe!

My first time here, obviously. Hehe!

I can't wait to make my table at the office looks like mine. You know, to put something on it to mark it as my territory. I even asked my Sister if she has any small pasu bunga. At least nampak feminine sikit meja mek

Something like this!

So pwetttyyy! ♥ 

All in all, the first day was ok. Alhamdulillah. I wish I could write more but first day dah semangat cerita, nanti bila dah a few weeks or months, I'm afraid the excitement akan menyusut pula. Bit by bit la, nanti orang bosang pula. Hehe!

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