Thursday, 6 September 2012

My Healthy Resolution Towards Gaya Hidup Yang Sihat

I realized that my stamina has gone bonkers ever since I started my holiday more than a month ago. In my defense, I really need those laid-back me times in order to recharge my draining battery. You know, those hideous effects after the final exam like panda eyes, sleep deprived yada yada yada

So, I made a resolution to eat healthy, sleep early, do more house chores & be friend with this bicycle. Sounds quite ambitious, doesn't it? Heeee!

But well well well, this bicycle remained untouched {except by a few kids who so eagerly rode it during Raya} until last week when I received a letter from SPA. I know physical test will be one of the things tested during the assessment but tu la, orang kata bila terhantuk baru termengadah. Baca e-mail tak rasa apa-apa, bila dapat surat baru menggelabah. Itulah lumrah manusia

I went insaf for while & dengan menggunakan kudrat wanita yang mek miliki, mek telah mengangkat basikal ini to my bedroom upstairs. It may look ringan to you but I actually had to make 2 stops on the staircase. Sungguh tidak fit di situ :((

Maka, adakah mek telah mengayuh basikal setiap hari secara tawaduk?

The answer is ........................................................................................ NO! Kayuh basikal sambil menonton Boys Over Flowers memang tidak membawa mek ke mana-mana. I mean, how to cycle when you have a jambu guy in front of you, on the screen I mean?! It was so easy to get distracted. I blame Lee Min Ho though, not my lack of gusto & determination to exercise *coughs*


I pray may Allah make everything easy for me, especially the 2.4 km lari-lari. I told my Sister, if I managed to finish running 10 km in Nike We Run KL 2011 last November {without having any training or persiapan but me & my friends walked like a little penguin for the next 2 days. Hahah!}, InsyAllah 2.4 km for sure boleh punya

So bongkak, MasyaAllah. Forgive me, ya Allah -.-'

With some of the LL.B mates

Rindunya nak lari-lari wälaupun masa tengah lari tu, I kept asking myself; "Why do you do this to yourself, Suria?!!" and "I can do thisss! and "Why am I torturing myself?!!". Nasib baik kaki tak cramp. But lari-lari is very fun though. I love the adrenaline rush!

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