Monday, 14 January 2013

A Few Hours Before 2013

Assalamualaikum & good morning, loves! How's today been treating you so far? :)

It's already 14 January 2013. 14 days of 2013 & here I'm, baru nak cerita on things I did on New Year's Eve. Well, it was nothing much actually. Just some a few quality hours spent with my secondary school friends, Nen, Che Ro & satu-satunya peserta tunggal lelaki yakni Che Ro's younger brother aka her driver. Hihi!

Che Ro was home for a few days for her wedding preparation in February. I know wedding preparation can be tedious & tiring but I guess, it's the excitement that keeps things going & slowly fall into places. And the amount of money spent for the big day, MasyaAllah semoga worth them all. Gering pulak fikir

Anyway, Che Ro & her brother came & pick me at the office before we met Nen somewhere. Both Che Ro & Nen went to UTP, worked in KL for some times before they were offered positions as JKR engineers. Tapi Nen is luckier I guess as dia dapat JKR Kota Bharu while Che Ro is in KL. When they started talking about works, engineering related stuff, bosses, meetings etc, I just had to keep my mouth shut because law & engineering are like two different worlds. Sigh!

We had Chim Chum as dinner {all three of them were first timers & I had the honour to be the host. Bak kata my friend, Dayah, D'Village Restaurant should have appointed me as their spoke person. Lols!} & were high on meat & spicy sauce. I was glad they liked it, tak sia-sia pong-pang kat Fb. Hihi!

Spot the most skematod one with formal black & white. Pfttt!

Dan-dan pulak surau kat situ under renovation, awal-awal sampai tak perasan pulak. So, instead of makan, solat & continue makan, we had to leave early & find a masjid/surau. To add more drama, hujan lebat uolss! Lari-lari masuk dalam masjid & malu gila bila jemaah surau dengan concernnya tanya kami datang dari mana sebab it was so close to Isya'. MasyaAllah. If we could hide our face in our handbag, we probably had done so!

But it was worth it. I mean, great time with a bunch of great people equal to awesome-ness ayte? And knowing the fact that this could be the last time I got to spend some girly time with my prep class deskmate when we were in Form 1, Che Ro before she becomes a Puan & my classmate of 4 years, Nen {she said she's single. I believe her but I don't believe her. Hahaha!} made my last day of 2012 more memorable. Alhamdulillah :)

From L to R; Yours truly, Nen & Che Ro

It just felt like old time in Musalla Rabiatul Adawiyah, SMS Pasir Puteh when we were much much younger *coughs*

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