Thursday, 31 January 2013

Of Being Happy

I made a self vow that I would make 2013 as awesome as I can. I've a list of reasons for that but the ultimate one is because I've been wasting a few months being sad & recklessly took some things for granted. For those days & months where I was at my lowest point of my life, I'm sorry little gloomy Suria! Let's shine again & be happy!

I want to be happy, like really really happy but the ultimate happiness is only in Jannah. So, in order to achieve that, I must make Allah happy with myself first, ayte? There are still a lot of things to improvise & learn and I pray may Allah help us with our path towards Jannah, strengthen our determination to become better muslims & make things easy for us in dunia & akhirat. Amin & InsyaAllah

Of course I want to make my Parents happy too & for now it means 2 things; get a descent job & get married. My Sister said I'm too garang with guys that I've scared them away. Bahahahaha! Ala, kittew tak reti la nak lembik-lembik macam obor-obor ni. 18 months of being single & counting! Xoxo!

And when I die, I want to be remembered as 'Suria who was  kind & always brought  happiness to other people' :')

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