Friday, 1 February 2013

Ikan Bakar Astana

Assalamualaikum & jumaah mubarak, loves! We're already on the 1st February, MasyaAllah how fast time flied!

We had a family dinner slash my birthday treat at Ikan Bakar Astana, Lebuhraya Jalan Pasir-Mas Salor, Kota Bharu on Tuesday night last week. Tqvm to the Sister for paying the bill, kenyang perut suka hati kami semua. Alhamdulillah :D

It was me & my Parents' first time there obviously despite its location which is just about 15 - 20 minute drive from home. So, jakun a bit lah

Instead of having the privilege to choose the eating place like any birthday girl/boy would do, my Sister had a final say on this. I miss eating at Keng Som but there's always next time, alright? And being a pregnant woman my Sister is, she always came out with lame excuse like "But it's the baby who wants it!" lately

 -.-'  Anything for you, future niece/nephew. Mama Sue sanggup tolerate

I'm not a fan of fish but I must say this place is good. Too good that we had to order 2 extra plates of nasi & finished them all. My Father even had to excuse himself after the makan-makan to the nearby bamboo hut behind our tables because according to him, he could barely breathe. So'oh terlajuk orang Kelantan kata. Lols!

We arrived there before Isya' & since it was weekday, the place wasn't as full as it was during weekend. Kalau weekend, memang full house that it's advisable to come after Maghrib. And yes, it isn't like a fancy restaurant with air-conditions & all, it's situated next to paddy field which means angin semulajadi sepoi-sepoi bahasa. i.e no fans & air-conditions needed yet nyaman :)

Ma petite famille plus the Bro-in-Law who was busy choosing the fish

Wearing the jubah that my Mother bought from Mekah, the Swatch watch from UK which was a birthday present from an old friend & the 3 tone shawl which I bought at Dataran Cendekia, UiTM Shah Alam. Rindunya shopping-shopping kat DC! :((

One of the best teh tarik I've ever tasted *hands down* It was my Mother's btw

And after waiting for about 15-20 minutes or probably less, the ikans & sotong finally arrived! Woots! And the BIL sempat lagi buat lawak "Jangan makan lagi, Sue nak ambik gambar". Bahahaha!

Nampak sikit but banyak & sangat kenyang, Cukuplah untuk 5 orang makan. Alhamdulillah

We had siakap, bawal emas & sotong. Would really love to include prawns as well tapi ditentang hebat oleh Abah. Kata beliau "Nak makan udang ke? Kat muka tu?" *sambil tunjuk lokasi jerawat mek di muka* Hilang sudah 1 nikmat dunia. Tsk! T_T

The food was good that I had to top up the nasi. Heeee! Kedai ni memang serve bakar-bakar je such as siakap, kerapu, bawal emas & seafood (udang, ketam, lala etc) with menu berempah like rempah Astana, asam jawa, nyonya & manggo. The Sister said its teh tarik is so sodap, so don't forget to try it too

Nah the direction for those who're interested;

1.  If you're from Wakaf Che Yeh, drive straight until you see the traffic lights yang ada New Horizon Restaurant on your right & Perodua Show Room on your left
2. Turn right to Highway Jalan Pasir Mas-Salor where you will see the newly built Terminal Makanan Negara (Teman) Bangunan Audit, Balai Bomba, Mahkamah Syariah along the way
3. Drive straight until you're at the traffic lights, drive terussss sampai la you see the Ikan Bakar Astana on your right. There's a Caltex pump station after the restaurant

And for more info about the restaurant, you can contact Mr Nik Alwi (010 9161638) or click here & here. Yes, you're welcome ;)
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