Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lagi Dua

Assalamualaikum & happy Tuesday, people!

I do realize that I've been carried away by my health resolution. But mannn, I don't know exercising can be so addictive! When I was in LL.B (Honours), I knew a few guy friends who would literally run to the gym to work out between classes, even for 30 minutes. On that time, I really didn't understand what the craze was all about

Like seriously, after doing work like there's no tomorrow in the office & having some sleepless nights, who would want to spend some time sweating at the gym when you can lepak & eat like a boss (even only during lunch hour) with your friends?

I definitely went for the latter. Hehe!

 6 girls at the back seat of Akmal's Saga! It was so much fun!
I really miss my classmates!

On a different note, I did my 12th Legal Aid duty yesterday afternoon which means 2 more duties left before I can bid temporary goodbye to the court. Miahahaha!

If I were a cat, this is probably how I celebrate my victory!

Minus the big yawn of course. Hehe!

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