Sunday, 12 May 2013

Of BMI Calculator & Having Double Chins As BFF

Assalamualaikum & how are you, people?

Sorry, I've to bore you again with my weight issue & my so-called health resolution. Miahaha! Oh please, my life has been so mundane lately that the only thing that could excite me is how I managed to fight my own nafsu against m&m since this post *pats own back* #exaggerating

I think I'm a type of person who can easily get obsessed with something & when I'm obsessed, I'll push myself very hard to achieve the goal. For example; I plan it well, jot down my goals, set the target, be determined etc. But losing weight isn't as easy as I thought. And the thing about my body is that all those extra kg that I've gained lately go to my face only lah. Gahhh!

So, a few days ago, after having 30 minutes of crazy exercises (I call it crazy because I didn't have any specific steps, hentam sahajalah asal berpeluh sudah & I think Zumba is way too much for a kampung girl like me), I calculated my BMI

There are a lot of free websites that will help you to calculate your BMI but I found this one, The Calculator Site very helpful (and very colourful too)

So, I did my BMI calculation & here is the result. Sorry, I had to hide my weight because I don't want to put my self confidence in jeopardy -.-'


My BMI is normal! Alhamdulillah & woohOo! And once upon a time, when my weight was 42 or 43 kg, I was actually underweight tapi masa tu rasa ok jah. Masa tu sokmo ada orang komplen kenapa kurus sangat. Now dah gain a few kg, orang still komplen jugak. Susah nau nak puaskan hati ramai orang ni kan?

Now, it's time to get rid of these double chins. They've been with me since I was born. We're like bff

Spot my double chins! Lols!

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