Saturday, 8 June 2013

Of Learning To Say No To Yummy Food & Nasi

I remember the day I decided to become so serious with my health resolution, it was on 09/05/2013. Sebelum tu macam serious juga but kadang-kadang hangat-hangat tahi ayam semata-mata. The main reasons are first, I'm getting tired receiving comments from people on how different I look now (zZzZZzz!), secong second, I've been living all my life being petite, so gaining 4 kg in 2 months is definitely something huge to me *cries* & third, ada baju lama yang dah ketat-ketat. Not funny at all T_T

So, these are what I've done so far;

  • Every night for the first 2 weeks, I would exercise for an hour & as a result, my body especially my legs ached so bad for a few days. Nampak sangat lemau but the feeling after sweating like crazy is totally priceless!
  • I also reunited with the exercise bicycle (after 4 months of not seeing each other) & would cycle as far as 10, 20 or 40 km per session & usually manage to burn 100-400 calories. Dengan syarat sambil tengok movie on the laptop lah, baru semangat nak mengayuh
  • But I realized that my exercise regimen per se isn't enough or worse, will go down the drain if I don't control my diet. So, I bid goodbye to all the junk foods including my happy pills, m&m
  • I usually had a drawer almost full with junk food at the office but have stopped buying any since 2 months ago. Instead of munching cekedis or cookies while doing work, I choose fruits like apples, grapes, raisins, dates etc 
  •  I'm a big fan of nasi & I usually had nasi for breakfast (nasi kerabu ayam madu my fav!), lunch (boss selalu belanja satu ofis makan nasi bungkus, either nasi sup or nasi ayam kukus or nasi berlauk. Sometimes, fast food) & dinner (who can say no to our Mother's delicious home-cooked meals ayte?) So, dari 3 kali nasi intakes per day, I've been cutting down my nasi intakes to 2 or 1 sahaja. Tapi malam-malam memang lapar la. Perut bercerokk' bak kata orang Kelate
  • I'm also a big fan of cakes & chocolates but I've learnt to say no to them. Kalau makan pun, tak sebanyak dulu la sebab rasa takut & risau gittew!
  • Read articles on health, follow Instagrams of inspiring people who lost weight by exercises & reblog some important tips shared at Tumblr
  • I also drink a lot of water, green tea & avoid myself from having canned & carbonated drinks
  • Be positive & take people's comments as the motivation to exercise more! It's also important to keep in our mind (in case anyone who's reading is also facing the same problem like mine) that we're not alone. Lols! And janganlah ingat after exercise/work out 1 jam, dan-dan berat turun 1 kg -.-'

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