Monday, 22 July 2013

Mamat Cina Puasa Sehari

Assalamualaikum & selamat berpuasa hari ke 13!

A friend of mine shared this video on Fb & I thought, it's pretty cute. It reminds me to my Chinese chambering friend, Tan aka Heng (which he claims comes from the word 'Breheng' or Ibrahim :P). He is the only Chinese guy from 18 of us yet the one who receives so much attention from us, girls because he's so funny & cute! And he speaks perfect Kelantanese dialect, addressing himself as 'Kawe'

 Tan is the one wearing the blazer, standing at the back
This picture was taken on the day he was admitted to the Malaysian Bar

Remember about the iftar that I had with my chambering friends recently? The idea to have iftar came from him & dia lah yang beria organize, booked the place & all walaupun dia tak puasa obviously :P

I may not have many friends from different races except a few that I know from the secondary school, matriculation college & UiTM but I would really love to have more. It's so interesting to learn about their cultures & language. When I was in Penang Matriculation College, our class repsentative was a Chinese guy who looks like Stuart Little! So cute okay? Hahaha! We always loved to tease him & would call him 'Loko' (which means 'Abang' if my memory doesn't fail me) just to usik him. Kehkeh!

Why can't we just live like brothers & sisters despite the difference in our religions & races? In fact, Islam never applied that 'I am holier than thou' principle based on skin colour & races. Who knows that one day, they receive hidayah from Allah & become better Muslim than us? :)

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