Thursday, 1 August 2013

Of Sending Raya Cards

Assalamualaikum & selamat berpuasa hari ke 23, although dah selamat berbuka pun. Hehe!

I posted this up on my Fb wall a few days ago

True, righttt? How many of you here received or sent any Raya cards this year? I can't remember whether I received any last year but when I was in primary school, I received a lot of Raya cards ok?!! And there were a lot of cute designs to choose, especially yang gambar kucin gebu-gebu tu. Masa muda-muda dulu yakni Form 5, sempat lah dapat kad yang keluar muzik lagu Raya tu. Lols!

I know everybody nowadays is just too busy to buy, write & post Raya cards, unlike a decade ago. Fb, whassap & text have been the most popular tools to convey the Raya wishes but being a nostalgic person I'm, I chose to invest some money on cards & stamps with a hope that these would make my friends happy :)

 These ones go to K. Lumpur, Tawau, Auckland, Jitra & K.Bharu!

I really enjoyed writing all the cards regardless how artistic (for those who know. Hehe!) my handwriting is. In my defense, it's been a while since the last time I hold a pen to write a mini essay :P

Petang tadi baru ada masa to go to Post Office, tu pun ada lagi a few cards yang tak sempat tulis. Orang Pos Malaysia pulak cakap after Raya baru dorang akan start distributing them. Nampak gaya, after Raya la sampai ke tangan penerima. Nasib baik Raya sebulan kan? ;)

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