Monday, 23 September 2013

Of My LL.B (Hons) Graduation Ceremony

Assalamualaikum & happy Monday everyone!

I finally have the modjo to continue with my LL.B convocation post. I know this blog is warm warm nail but I think I really need to have this documented for a future reference untuk tatapan anak-anak cucu sekalian. InsyaAllah

Or worse case, my laptop decided to betray me one day & semua gambar habis di bawa lari

Anyway, for the introduction, my LL.B convocation day was held on 28 November 2012 which was about 5 months after we finished our LL.B final exam. Macam lama sangat kan baru nak grad. Tapi bagus juga sebab at least within 5 months tu dah habis dah qadha tidur untuk 4 tahun di Law School. Gitteww!

And since this was my second convocation after Bach. of Legal Studies in 2011, I decided to attend the ceremony alone for a few other reasons. Yes, alone without my beloved family by my side who would help me with the robe, hood, make-ups & all or my Parents excitedly waving me from their seats nun di atas sana or receiving flowers from them at the end of the ceremony

At first, I thought I would be cool but once I stepped outside the hall after the ceremony, perasaan sedih tidak dapat ditahan lagi! Like semua orang pergi cari family masing-masing, receiving hugs & kisses while I was all alone terpinga-pinga tak tahu nak pergi mana

And to add more drama, I had a fever. Tsk tsk! T_T

Mon pere et ma mere sending me off at the airport

The graduation robe without the hood
For Faculty of Law, the hood colour is Purple

Oh before I flood in this post with more photos, I would like to thank my good friend/ex-roommate/batchmate, Syairah for being sooooo kind to let me stay at her house for 3 days & a night at Intekma Resort with her family who came all the way from Langkawi. Segan tak terperi tumpang tidur rumah orang but I had no choice because I was all alone, remember? Huhu! Most of Syairah's housemates are MSU students & they're so kind & ciri-ciri muslimah sejati jelas terpancar. Bodek. Ehehe! But seriously, they're so kind. Alhamdulillah :')

Ok, sambung. The day before the ceremony, I had a pre convo shot with some of my girlfriends. You may refer this post. Tqvm

Our graduation ceremony was Sidang 9 which means that we had to be there as early as 7:30 a.m at Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor, UiTM S.Alam. Turut sama bersidang pada pagi itu ialah Faculty of Information Technology although me & my friends secretly wished that we shared the sidang with Faculty of Electrical Engineering instead. Bahahahaha! :P  

 Credits to UiTM MassCom

For your info;

We had to queue in a very long lineeeeeeeeeeeeee before entering the hall which I honestly didn't mind at all because it was like a jejak kasih with everyone! And masa kat entrance door tu, there were a few lecturers waiting to salam, greet, congratulate & hug us. Auwww! I love my lecturers! Made me want to tear a bit :')

We were seated according to the class i.e First Class, Second Class Upper & Second Class Lower & names. Like my first graduation ceremony, once again I was seated in between 2 jelitawans whose names begin with S, like moi. Jelitawan sangat ni dorang ni, naik segan mek. Huhu!

I wore a pair of bright maroon sari baju kurung which was a present given by my secondary school junior Atiey, a soon to be awesome doctor who is now enjoying her student life in India. Tak tahu lah betul-betul enjoy ke tak kat sana hahaha but you go girl! WoohoO!

I think I really need to continue in another post. Hehe!

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