Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Office Table

  1. A mini Eiffel Tower which I bought at Kaison, KL Festival City for only RM4.50. Should have bought more instead of 2. I'm a sucker for anything Eiffel Tower-ish 
  2. A vase which is actually a tall glass. I bought it at Salamku for RM6.90
  3. I received some bouquet of roses from my dear friends during my recent Long Call on 22/08/2013. Too sayang to throw them away, so I turned them to dried flowers :)
  4. A container I bought at Romantika for RM9. It obviously serves no purpose there but I think it's pretty, adding some feminine feelings to my table
  5. A photo frame from Ikea
  6. A picture of me & my friend, Che Ro during her wedding reception last April. She was so sweet to send me that picture, together with a raya card & some duit raya. Hehe!
  7. A black box of the external hard disk I found in the office
  8. A candy box I got from a kenduri. Red & white polkadots are so cute, don't you think?
  9. A plastic container I found at home where I put some paper clips inside
  10. A pair of paper holders that I got from my LL.B Graduation dinner in 2011

I wish I've an endless supply of fresh flowers! And my table is facing a beautiful window where I can see the sky & hear birds chipping happily sambil disapu angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa. Like this one!


So, what do you have on your office table? :)

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