Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Of My First Nephew, Umar

Assalamualaikum & hello aunties & uncles!

My name is Umar & I'm 2 days old, 3.43 kg. I'm the first Nephew of Mama Sue, this blog owner *beams with pride* & also the first grandchild for both Mama & Abi's sides. Do you think I'm cuteeee?
When I was in my Mama's tummy, I heard a lot of stories about fat & furry creatures called Tommy & 3 others. Since I'm still in the hospital, I haven't met them yet but I heard they used to dominate this space & Instagram but sorry dude! It's my turn to shine now. So, please expect more pictures & stories of me in the future!

Ok, I gotta sleep! It was a very tiring journey to see this world & I'm still pretty much uterus-lagged *yawns*

See you next time! Ta-ta!

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