Wednesday, 8 January 2014

First Appearance

Assalamualaikum & hallo everyone!

Wow! My last post was on 4/1

It's been a busy week. It started with my first appearance for year 2014 at the court (with a practice certificate! I'm legit!) on Sunday. It didn't turn up well & as simple as I thought

This black & white world is full with surprises; twists & turns, ups & downs. There were days when I felt on top of the world, where I would really love to skip happily around the court compound instead of walking but there were also some gloomy days where I felt so down & berasa menjadi suri rumah adalah lebih baik. Bahahaha!

But thank Allah as my friend, Aliaa was there too. In fact, she's acting as a counsel for Plaintiff while I'm for the Defendant. It was fun to have an opposite counsel who you can be clingy with. Bahahaha! And also as a selfie partner!

From Pre Degree Law, BLS, LL.B classmates to what we are now!

Had 2 full trials at the high court yesterday. Walaupun mek hanyalah assistant di sebelah but daku juga turut berasa penat. Bumped into someone who I least expected to meet there. Nonetheless, yesterday was fun despite 9 hours at the court

Have a nice day everyone!

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