Monday, 10 February 2014

Achievement Unlocked

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Bought a car sticker (which allows me to park my car within the KB court's compound) last Thursday as my car, Alex's latest accessory, in addition to the UiTM Law Faculty & Law Society stickers & of course the red 'P' sticker although I don't need it anymore *blows nails*

Yes yes, I'm one of those obsessed law grads -.-' 

But in my defense, I should be really proud of my profession & alma mater. So, literally all my stickers mean "Don't mess with me & my car! But if I drive slow or make mistake, I'm sorry & you may go first. You notice that red 'P' kan?". Muahehe!

After having my own personal JPJ officer aka Encik Abah sitting next to me, watching me drive, giving me lectures etc for a week, I finally had Alex all by myself today! Of course the Parents were worried that Abah called me when I arrived at the office just to make sure that I didn't hit any car along the way & managed to park Alex dalam kotak parking dengan jayanya. Alhamdulillah, I survived :P

Driving Alex alone to the office - unlocked
Driving Alex alone balik rumah - hopefully ok lah. InsyaAllah. Hahaha!

The farthest me & Alex had been was Machang, visiting my Pak Ngah & Mak Ngah last Friday. It was tiring & that night I had such a good night's sleep. Macam nenek sungguh energy level

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