Saturday, 8 February 2014

Umar at 4 Months

6 Feb 2014 - Umar versi sexy

8 Feb 2014 - Umar versi gatai gusi (mungkin?)

Assalamualaikum & salam 1 Malaysiaaa! *coughs*

Alhamdulillah, my nephew, Umar officially turned 4 months on last 1st Feb. MasyaAllah, he is funnier day by day!

We can't get enough of him (except when he poops. Lols!) & if 1 day tak jumpa, we'll miss him! He's the first person I look to whenever I'm home after work & I'll be a bit upset if he sleeps. Like, "Come on Umar! Please wake up & play with Mama Sue!"

Boboy sekarang sudah jatuh no. 2. Maafkan Mama, Boboy. I love you, still

At 4 months old, Umar has started to be selective with people. Dah pandai nangis when person he's not familiar with carries him. He's one very bubbly baby (another lawyer in the family?) who likes to laugh out loud. Like very LOUD that he made me scared sometimes. I mean, how can a kecik person like him make such high pitched laughter?! No doubt he's got that from his Ummi. Ahemm!

He's very manja with Tok Ma & loves it so much when Tok Abah bawa jalan-jalan pergi garden in the morning & evening. I'm trying to Elmo-ize him by making him watch Elmo on youtube with me, walaupun most of the time mek la yang excited terlebih & end up watching more videos, alone. Sigh!

Here are my 2 fav, btw! Cute overload I can cryyyy!


It's amazing how a tiny hopeless yet demanding person like him can change the vibe & mood of the whole house. Alhamdulillah. For example when he starts to merengek, everybody will automatically start to have that 'uh oh!' moment!

Misi pada masa terdekat ialah untuk membeli a pair of cute shoes for Umar. Maka marilah menabung untuk membeli ini walaupun I still can't decide either blue Cookie Monster or red Elmo. You see, although I'm always a fan of Cookie Monster, Elmo's cuteness is something I can't simply ignore

Sighh! Blue or red?

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