Thursday, 20 March 2014

Abam Boboy Is Sick

Assalamualaikum & happy Thursday!

As a cat lover (an extreme one I must say) I always get excited whenever I get to study about my cats' behaviour. Like this one;

My favourite ones are 2 from the last line
It will always make me feel soooo gatal to tickle their belly. Hehe!

Anyway, do you remember one of our cats, Abam Boboy?

Abam Boboy's not feeling well lately. Telinga dia macam berair & just laid sleeping all day long (tapi still makan banyak as usual. Hehe!). We aren't sure what has made him sick though. Probably ada male cat yang buli? So, last Tuesday Abah bought him to see the vet. Angkut sekali dengan cage dia yang besar tu. I don't know how Abah carried it alone with Boboy was inside the cage. It must be quite heavy. Hehe!

Pre meeting the vet. Notice Abam Boboy's sad face? Nampak kuruihhh!
I hope he's recovering pretty soon. I don't like seeing him sick, it breaks my heart. Sobs!

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